Topic: GTA Chinatown wars: Where are the auto races?

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I have almost beat story mode, yet i have not done a single auto race. How do you do them, do you have to go to special places? I really want to race but i dont know how to do it. Please help me.

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I miss them too! It's just not GTA without illegal street races
I guess they think they made up for it by introducing the dope-wars element instead . However, the other way to get a street race on GTA Chinatown wars is to exchange game-codes and meet up in game on WiFi. LOL Be genetically superior!

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No, you can do illegal street races, thats how u unlock some cars, like the gocart, i just dont know where they are.



The first time I finished CW I managed it to oversee the illegal races entirely. You have to look out for other car service places in the city (watch out for the blue arrows).

If you find them, they offer you a sellection of races you can compete in against 3 other drivers. Very funny.

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