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Who's played this and what do you think about it? I hear from a lot of people it's the weakest of the series, but when you think about how it has a cliff hanger, it's a lot like the original Goldensun. I know there are things not resolved like the tuapurang, the energy vortexes and the High Empyror, but I thought at the conclusion of the story of Dark Dawn there would be a great oppurtunity to make another sequel, probably ending up on the 3DS.
Is there anyone willing to admit it was a pretty good game and that if there's a sequel, that it will end up making this game a whole lot better in retrospect? I have to think that the fourth game will be epic.

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It is the weakest IMO. The story was...meh. My biggest problem was how the main plot disappeared for most of the game for some pointless side plot...and THEN the game says "Oh btw, did you miss the main plot?" at the end.

With that said, they better release a sequel

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