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Did anyone get the game yet.

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I did - I've only played single player levels, but I was satisfied with it.

Review at a glance:

Controls - - 8/10
Gameplay - 9/10
Graphics - - 5/10
Sound - - - - 7/10
Tilt - - - - - - 9/10

The controls take a minute to get used to (shoulder buttons turn the character, face buttons are mapped to different weapons as you collect them so that you can fire each one more easily, and the d-pad/circle-pad controls your character). Some DSIware titles can't be easily played with the C-pad, but this is an exception - I preferred the c-pad to the d-pad, although both were adequate.

The gameplay is excellent - it feels like a 2d version of Left 4 Dead. There are varied types of zombies with special abilities, achievements, plenty of different weapons and multiplayer options. Levels occur in stages - several stages where you simply defeat a large amount of randomly spawning zombies while keeping your teammates alive, and a final stage with a boss battle that you must fight in addition to the spawning zombies. Players may be revived, but any damage taken while reviving interrupts the action; forcing other players to cover their allies and keeping the atmosphere tense.

The graphics do the job well, but don't look pretty. I'm partially colorblind, and one of the characters looked like a zombie to me. Most weapons don't do splash damage, so it the quality of the graphics didn't hurt the gameplay.

The weapon sounds did the job, although the music wasn't particularly memorable.

Tilt (my personal plug for the game) - It's L4D in top-down shooter form. And for $2, getting local matches together shouldn't be too much trouble. The achievements add value, and I was more than satisfied with the game

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I'll be reviewing it this weekend. I've played it quite a few times so far, both single player and multiplayer, and it's definitely getting a recommendation.

Sit tight and I'll get all my thoughts together in review form.




I'll condense my impressions as simply as I can.

At first glance (and quick 1-minute gameplay): Man, this game blows.

After dedicating 15 minutes and doing everything right: Best $2 I've ever spent on a game since Aura-Aura Climber.

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Got it after that 9/10 review, and while I've only played the single-player mode, I love it. While I'm not a fan of the weapon swapping system, (no, I don't want a sniper rifle, I'll stick with my machine gun), it's a minor complaint when your fairly competent AI buddies can take care of themselves decently enough.

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It's a pretty fun game. I think it would be better with touch screen controls. I'd compare it more to a mini Dead Nation. For 2 bucks, I think there's plenty fun to be had.

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Rather excited about this game, but worried that I'll never get a multiplayer session in place - which kind of dampens my enthusiasm about buying. For $2 I'll probably still take the plunge though. Especially since people here seem be saying that single-player mode is still a fun diversion.


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Is this game fun in singleplayer? I think this sort of thing would be more fun in multi but since it's local only I will never get to use it.



If you think gunning your way through wave after wave of zombies is fun while looking for new weapons and health. Then single player is great. the AI is normally pretty good about staying with you, although if they are under heavy attack and you move they might get stuck.

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Just purchased it moments ago and I am having the most fun I've had with a $2 title EVER... except for Birds & Beans (:

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Ive just bought it yesterday and think its pretty good game love flaming the fat zombies lol

wish had online play:/

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Hmm... expectations are pretty low for a $2 purchase, but Undead Storm is a solid downloadable title. Controls work well and the game gets pretty frantic (especially on higher difficulty levels). There is just enough variety in enemies/weapons to keep you interested and involved, and the three stages to explore are all unique enough. The one thing that hurts is it's really intended as a multiplayer title - single player is good, but adding friends and bumping up the difficulty levels is clearly where the real action awaits.

I would give single-player action a "good value" recommendation, and bump that up to "must buy" if you've got friends with DSi/3DS consoles who enjoy local co-op gaming.


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Great fun... bloke sitting next to me on the train asked to have a go after I was obliviously blasting away for 15 mins (he was window seat!)

Just the kind of thing the e-shop needs, simple, fun and well worth the price.

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Is the multiplayer local play only or does it have download play? Without download play (which dsiware games usually avoid like the plague) I know I'll NEVER play mulitplayer.

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awsome game although they should of made it better,but i hope theres a sequal for the 3ds or someone make a game like it and make more modes.The funny thing is i got it day 1 and i was the first to rate it on the eshop

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Sam_Loser2 wrote:

Is the multiplayer local play only or does it have download play? Without download play (which dsiware games usually avoid like the plague) I know I'll NEVER play mulitplayer.

No download play. The idea is that it's so cheap your friends won't mind buying to play the multiplayer modes. But I agree with you: lack of download play makes it much less likely I'll ever get to enjoy the local multiplayer options.


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I didn't get it because of LACK OF DOWNLOAD PLAY! RAGE

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It is verry cool and everyone with bugs left on the eshop konto should get it



I'll review
16=preety good
17=really good


I want a Bigger more expensive sequel



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