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Finished Final Fantasy - 4 Heroes. I was frustrated by the inability to earn gil by beating monsters, and by some of the tough boss battles in the game. Also, the music was quite disappointing for me, coming from a serial with one of the best soundtracks available out there. But apart from that, I liked it as a stand-alone game, not as a FF experience.

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Bakugan: Battle Trainer. It's an RPG that takes only about maybe 8 hours (Give or take 2 hours) to complete. Even though for an RPG it isn;t very long, it is pretty good. It's got a good sci-fi story and the graphics are better than some RPG's for the system. It switches between 2D and 3D graphics and you make you Bakugan stonger not only by level up but by playing touch screen based mini games and beating high scores for extra bonuses. Even people who aren't fans of Bakugan might like it so long as they don't mind short lived gameplay. I give it 8 out of 10.

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I played a game called "Izuna 2 The Unemployed Ninja Returns" It's kinda like the Pokemon Mystery dungeon games but when you die in this game you lose all your items(unless you store them in the storeroom). I got the hang of it rather quickly do I beat the game and only died 4 times overall. The first death in the tutorial,The second in the first Boss,The third in a dungeon where i was outnumbered 7 enemies to 1 and the 4th the game frezed on me. It's a very underrated game. A lot of people find it very hard but if you have the right items in your inventory and grind a bunch its very easy. After the game theres 3 bonus super hard dungeons so the replayability is enormous. Im thinking of writing a game guide for this game since none exist online.

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Just finished Valkyria Chronicles and Soul Bubbles, the first one being one of the best scenarios for a strategy game ever, the second one being a breath of fresh air for the DS

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I just finished playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii last night. Good thing, too, because I'm selling it, along with Mario Galaxy 2, so I can afford games for the 3DS.


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Just finished Chrono Trigger (on DS) for the first time ever, and I can safely say that its my absolute favorite game ending. It was just incredible. Of course, the ending to FF IX was pretty close, too.

Now I just need to hunt down the 11 other endings...

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Started: March 28
Finished: March 29
Challenge: Extreme!

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Quite the suprise really! I never expected too much before going into it, but what I got was one of thee' best Touch screen controlled DS titles out there. It's the perfect showcase and demonstration of what the DS is capable of and it really shines. Sure it may be simplistic and somewhat lacking in the graphics department, but it makes up for it with the crazy innovative and highly intuitive gameplay.

And I gotta say, I was seriously sweating during World 10-12...World 10 chapters '4 and 5' take the cake as some of the most difficult challenges I've ever faced in a DS title. My hands were totaly sweating and I was on the edge of my seat during the later levels....And the Boss battles were pretty damn rad, especially the last! Oh and I found the music to be on the Funky, ubeat and at times 'quirky' side, bust for the most part it's kind of forgettable while the SFX got the job done in all of their retro-ised goodness!

Overall, I had a blast with this little gem, and I recommend anybody with a DS to get it if they wan't
a killer touch screen-based game, But Yup! thee' best Pacman game I've ever played hehe.

Presentation: 7
Graphics: 7
Sound: 7
Gameplay: 9

OVERALL: 8.5/10 Pacman Pizza's!

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Pokemon Black
Started: March 6th 2011
Finished: March 20 2011
Overall 9.5
This is the best Pokemon game I have played since Sapphire ( yes I like the 3rd gen). It was a little to easy so I tried to make it last. Now to beat the Elite Four...

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Beat Professor Layton and the Curious Village today. I don't have that many puzzles left.

EDIT: I think I completed it yesterday. I had to look at a guide for the puzzles in the Puzzle Master's House; I was just not in the mood for hours of trial and error. I've also ordered the sequel, and I hope it gets here by the end of the week.

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Sonic Colours in one day. Too easy to finish.

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Last one I finished was DKCR. I have a bad habit of buying games and never finishing them (IE: Sonic Colors DS and Epic Mickey).

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Today I finished Mega Man Zero.

Awesome game; gave me a good first impression (yes this is my first time with a Mega Man Game)

Also finished Phoenix Wright: Justice for All. Another great game

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Sounds dumb, but the last one i finished was Nancy Drew the Hidden Staircase.

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I just finished Phantom Hourglass... I liked it quite a lot, and I was only disappointed by most of the island/temple music (and it was also repetitive) and I hated the temple of the Ocean King after 1-2 quests in it. .
Other than that, a truly great game. The epilogue gave me goosebumps, I loved it!

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Finished Layton and the Diabolical Box... The game was just... WOW!!! I utterly despised some of the puzzles and sometimes I even used 3 hints, but the story, atmosphere and the lovely train setting more than made up for it... And the origin and purpose of the box itself was one of pure perfection.

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Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Started: April 5
Finished: April 12
Challenge: Bosses are Brutal!

Untitled Untitled Untitled

I think I may be one of the few that enjoyed DOS more than Symphony of the Night which is still highly regarded as thee' definitive Metroidvania experience. Maybe it's just me, but i found DOS's boss battles to be much more refined, tight and polished where as SOTN based on my memory were actually kind of sloppy and ridicuously button mashy and easy...Anyways, the Controls in DOS are superb, the graphics are super detailed and beautiful to the point where you can even see Soma breath form in the cold winter air, and the abilities and souls which you gain are fantastic for the most part. I love getting a new ability that allows me traverse to a certain part of an area.

But yup! SOTN actually kind of put me off from the Metroidvania franchise, but DOS on the other hand has actually made me more intruiged if anything...I mean I reallly really enjoyed the experience i must say. The music while pretty solid and definitly had a few memorable tracks wasn't quite up to snuff or on par compared to the outstanding music heard in SCIV or Rondo of Blood for example. Most of it had this Royal poshe' transtlevania-like vibe going on, while others like the Abyss really felt like you were in this grimey hellish demonic world.

If there's anything I didn't like about the game, it had to of been the generic bubble gum Anime art work during the cutscenes....Order of Eclesia appears to have the best gothic-styled and traditional-ish art work yet, too bad that wasn't present in DOS. And as for the touch screen controls, I actually didn't mind them...In ways it was kind of fun doing the seals, but screwing up a few times and constantly having to fight the boss again just because your lines we're quite pixel perfect was frusturating. This happened to me while facing off against Death. one of the BEST battles int the entire game, easily. awesome stuff! He slayed me too many times to count.

Also, i found the Final Boss...while massive and monstrous physically was a bit of a dissapointment battle wise....His first form was laughably easy. His 2nd form however was cheap as hell....He's practically unbeatable if you plan on going in without using a stock full of MP and or HP's...And that's all to the do with those overpowered flying pest enemies that keep coming at you. I never used one single HP or MP on any of the other bosses in the game which made it more challenging, rewarding and satisfying to play....But I had no choice for the final boss. Anyways, I finished the game at 98% and unlocked Julious mode...Made me realised how much i missed the whip!

Presentation: 8
Graphics: 9
Sound: 8.5
Gameplay: 9

OVERALL: 9/10 Burning Belmont Whips!

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I just finished Last Window: Secrets of Cape West and I'm so glad I imported! The story is amazing, and the characters are so life like. It just makes Cing's bankruptcy more depressing!

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Finished Okamiden ! I had my doubts at first, being a non Clover developped game. But it got brushed away 5 minutes in. The game is really awesome from start to finish, despite one or two huge inconsistencies in the story. Loved it, and the Music is godly. Combat is fun and the puzzles numerous and fun. Overall, 9/10 !

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@ WaveBoy - I'll admit that as much as I love Symphony of the Night, I do feel it is overrated and I enjoy the linear Super Castlevania IV more. But I think it's a little unfair to call the game too easy. Sure it's not too hard to get through the regular castle, but the upside down second half really ramps up the difficulty.



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