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Are there any new Ds Games that are annaunced yet to relase or where the two Pokemon Games the last Games on the Nintendo DS



As far as I am aware, the only DS games coming out now are basically shovelware, with very few exceptions.

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The future of the Ds is nothing. And batman. Because, logic.

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what a great console this was..... but it's time for the 3ds to shine.

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Adventure Time DS will come out on November 20th, but there's a superior 3DS version already. So the DS is pretty much gone, besides the hordes of shovelware for the next year or two. Though Nintendo could always surprise us with something.



GameFAQs has a (presumably) pretty comprehensive list of releases:

Apart from Adventure Time there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of interest coming out, but there may be some surprises in there.

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It's now being reformatted into Home Console use.

By taking the top screen and implementing it into the TV, the bottom half will now be called "GamePad".
Also, the graphical specs have increased dramatically. To avoid confusion with the 3DS, Nintendo has renamed it the "Wii U",
in memory of its earlier console.

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Their is no future.

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Really, it's pretty much true now that nothing interesting will be released on the DS from now on, since Nintendo are moving their handheld game development to the 3DS and most large third parties are following them.

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There's one more notable DS release for Europe as Shin megami tensei: Devil survivor 2 (which is already out in Japan and America) is supposed to be out before the end of the year.

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A video game release,of the brilliant TV Show Merlin is out this month,thought it'll be a pile of crap.

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DS is dead. It's all about the Game Boy Micro now. my pants.


Maybe they surprise us with new Games I mean the DS is the most saled handheld ever and look at the PS2 FIFA 13 just relased on it



Only if they release them on 3DS via VC or classic DS games (please do this and allow DS cart transfer to 3DS)

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Like everyone else said the DS is dead, I have a feeling that Nintendo will phase out the DSi Classic by the end of next year and the DSi XL should follow not to far behind, heck maybe both will be supported until 2014? For a handheld a 10 year lifespan even if the last 2-3 years of it's life aren't the best the system has ever seen that is still pretty impressive. Although I really hope Nintendo drops the price of the DSi XL to an extremely low price so I can get one.

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HarmoKnight wrote:

Only if they release them on 3DS via VC or classic DS games (please do this and allow DS cart transfer to 3DS)


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I personally think that it's basically lights out for the DS now.

The games that are still being released were probably already in development before or around the time that the 3DS came out, so they stuck with their target system, or are low-budget releases that are using an existing game engine for the DS.

In a way, it's kind of good. I've already got far too many DS games, so I don't need to be tempted into buying any more! (I won't be getting a 3DS).

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