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Nintendo DSi

  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!: This game marks the third instalment of this franchise and, more importantly, the first Nintendo DSiWare game to let players design levels from the ground up. Mario will need to dodge obstacles to confront his longtime nemesis Donkey Kong, but this time the players will have full control over where to set traps, enemies and a host of power-ups in the construction zone. Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again! will be available in the Nintendo DSi Shop towards the end of the year.
  • Integrating Photos with Facebook: For its Nintendo DSi system, Nintendo announced the ability for users to upload pictures taken with the system's built-in camera and interactive lenses directly to Facebook. Using Facebook Connect, the integration will be available in Summer with a Nintendo DSi system update, making it even easier for people to personalise and share their photos with friends and family on Facebook.

Nintendo DSiWare:

  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong.: Minis March Again! (December 2009)
  • Flipnote Studio (31 July 2009)
  • Animal Crossing Clock (Already out!)
  • Animal Crossing Calculator (Already out!)
  • Photo Clock (August 2009)
  • Mario Clock (Already out!)
  • Mario Calculator (Already out!)
  • Six in One Translator (Working title)
  • Crash-Course Domo (August 2009)
  • White-Water Domo (August 2009)
  • Hard-Hat Domo (August 2009)
  • Rock-n-Roll Domo (August 2009)
  • Pro-Putt Domo (August 2009)

So what do you think? MvsDk not till end year and Flipnote Studio 31 July, And also new firmware! Thats the announces for Europe...
Wow! Thats allot of Domo's coming this August, And Six-In-One Translator! Yey, Another Application! But MFC & 42 All Time Classics is still on the run for this month!

If even that did not crack you up, i make video's from DSiWare whats upcoming from this year/month. If you wanna see whats upcoming this year go to: For Part 1 And Part 2!
If you wanna see upcoming for this month ; If your from US :
And if your from EU : ! I'm making every month a new episode ^^ Subscribe if you want!

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wow, thank you for the information. I have been trying to find out when Mario VS. Donkey Kong was coming out, and as for as Flipnote Studio was concerned I had given up getting my hopes up for any kind of July release, so hey even though its the 31st it still manages to scrape in.
Thanks again for the info.

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I did not expect Flip Note Studio to be out that soon and it is reassuring to know that more dsiware is coming out so soon.
This is going to be an interesting year.

Thank you for the information.

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What about The USA Information thou? Is this the same for USA? If so great news for me as well! Please email me the information at danny173@co&... as well

Thank you
Daniel Quinn aka IndianDan

Daniel Quinn,


IndianDan wrote:

What about The USA Information thou? Is this the same for USA? If so great news for me as well! Please email me the information at danny173@co&... as well

Thank you
Daniel Quinn aka IndianDan

I have no USA information yet, only that flipnote studio will come 3 August there

Told You So!


I mean The News From Here Pal. And When You Get That For The USA. Will Be Great. Thanks.

Daniel Quinn,


I wonder who will review all that Domo

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DECEMBER!!!!! what i thought it was goin to be here in JULY/AUGUST

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Lol that's a long wait for MvsDK guys!! Maybe longer than our wait for Smash Bros.

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