Topic: Escape The Virus: Swarm Survival (First Impressions)

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Well I played this game, within a few moments I have seen it all it had to offer. The game is 100% what the video description depicts of it. 2 modes. One where you collect D.N.A. that when you collect them they say "D" or "N" or "A" and it gets annoying fast. The music is quarky and changes to a more tense track when ever a virus hits a link in your chain and they all scatter. In the second mode you become larger as you collect more d.n.a. that you bring back to a home base to drop them off. This game is purely about high score and survival. You do have lives and when you run out the game ends and your high score is tallied. As time goes on in both modes more virus appear making it harder to avoid them. You can zoom in and out and zooming out is helpful at times and sometimes not because everything is so small making it easy to lose track of things. You can also jump in normal mode, i forgot to mention that. I would say that I will probably play this game here and there for quick fixes of besting high scores and surviving but I don't think I can enjoy it for extended periods of time. I would rank this game a 5 out of 10. I would offer more details but I am short of time right now.



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