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I'd also like to see an app where you can upload pictures from your DSi Camera directly to Flickr.

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I just tought of an art style series game..
its called Art style:Pictomix..basically you take a picture or choose from your SD Card and the game jumbles the picture into squares and you have to rearrange the picture to the true form , aweosme eh?..
BTW you can choose bacground music from SD Card..i hope nintendo make this:P


Whoever said Pac Man Vs -- that's a great idea, perfectly suited to DSiWare in size, etc.

My primary wish: Elektroplanton. As I've said before, I don't even care if they carve up the pieces and offer them for a high price, I'll still buy it.

Another wish: release the fantastic 32 e-Reader levels for Super Mario Advance 4, that so few have played, and half of which never made it out of Japan. Best 2d Mario level design in ages, better than NSMB.

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