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I just mentioned to this fellow in this topic:

But when I was looking for tips on what to buy in DSiware, I shockingly did not think to check if Nintendolife had a forum (since that's like the ONLY place I could find good DSiware reviews), and just made a spreadsheet myself to try and work out the best value for my points (I had a lot of points card vouchers). More recently I added a page with the EU stars catalog offerings, and there's a third page there of what I'm considering buying, and how many points I'd need (just for me really).

The colour key is:
Green = I bought it
Grey = No longer available on EU Dsiware shop, for whatever reason
Red = Decided not to buy

If anyone has any thoughts on the games I've singled out as my next purchase shortlist (Dodogo, 99 Bullets, Pop Island Paperfields, Undead Storm, Dark Spirits), I'd be interested to hear it. I'm really sad I missed out on Go! Go! Kokopolo. That game looked awesome.

Hopefully this list is helpful to people as the DSi stuff and Stars catalog wind down.



What Dsiware games are worth checking out the only two on my 3DS are Shantae and Aura Aura Climber.

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Is anyone still downloading DSiWare games?

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Out of all the DSiWare games I've bought, the one I've put the most time into is... Bejeweled Twist. For only $8, you get the perfect thing to play whenever you need a short (or long) burst of puzzle fun. When I bought this, I thought it would be nothing special. Now, I've put about 70 hours into it.



One of my favorites on the DSiWare shop was "Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon". For five-hundred points, it's a great little pick-up-and-play pinball game. The downside is there is only one table, but it's crafted incredibly well (I think).

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Love the Brain Challenge game! It's kinda like Big Brain Academy, but more cognitive.



@chiefeagle02 Yeah, Pinball Pulse is my favorite DSiWare title, and one of my favorite pinball games overall! It's made by the same people who made the amazing Pro Pinball series of games. It really does have a great playfield design and rule set. Easily worth 5 bucks.

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This thread is dead, but 5 or 6 years after the fact I still feel inclined to recommend X-Scape to everyone. SUCH A WONDERFUL GAME

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@rayword45 I bought it and I love it. Never played the oringinal X (エックス), since I don't speak Japanese, but I love this one!

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Just as a heads-up the DSi Shop closes tomorrow!

That said, I noticed I still have 2900 points on my account. Any recommendations?

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I though it was already closed!

Well, some of my favorite dsiwares (that I can remember right now) are (do note that they aren't all necessarily considered "good" games, I like them regardless) :

  • Petit Computer (no longer available).
  • Puzzler World XL. Over a thousand activities, excellent value.
  • Fishing Resort. Exceedingly charming and fun arcade fishing.
  • 101 Shark/Dolphin Pets. Presentation so dated it's adorable, multiple mini games.
  • Glow Artisan. Fun puzzles, level creator, can make puzzles out of photos.
  • Hello Flowerz. Simple and charming "pet sim".
  • Plants vs Zombies. Faithful conversion of the pc game.
  • Uno. Online component is useless now, but it's still uno.
  • Hot & Cold. Weird and creepy and times, full length hidden object game.
  • Cat Frenzy. Fun puzzler, rather challenging.
  • Brain Age, any.
  • Robot Rescue. Interesting concept, fun.
  • Orion's Oddysey. Hidden gem, charming and entertaining.

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