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At least 90% of DSiware is still on the 3DS, yeah. The biggest disappointment was Pop Island being removed a few months ago, that was one of the standout titles for me.

If you want some recommendations, I enjoyed Mighty Flip Champs, Mighty Milky Way, Starship Defense, Game and Watch DK Jr, Escapee Go, Shantae, 10 Second Run, Paper Airplane Chase, and a few others that were decent but not amazing.

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Puzzler World XL is basically a must have for DSiWare, it's got tons and tons of content. Same with Petit Computer, but that one was unfortunately removed in favor of the 3DS sequel (which I liked less).

There were some evergreen games that got DSiWares but not 3DS versions, like Plants vs Zombies and Uno. Other recommendations I can give you are Mario vs DK, Brain Age, Bird & Beans, Puzzle League (if you don't have Animal Crossing), Art Academy, Flipper, Dragon Quest Wars, etc.

Some of my guilty pleasures include 101 Shark(/Dolphin) Pets, Hello Flowerz! (removed) and Fishing Resort (also removed, replaced with Hooked on Bass Fishing which is almost identical), G.G. Series Hero Puzzle, My Farm, and Escape Trick (I have the convenience store one).

There were also some ambitious games that were (or were meant to be) full releases but became DSiWare, these are usually more full featured. Some I can come up with are Hot and Cold, Orion's Odyssey, Puzzle Quest, Elemental Masters, etc.

I would recommend Robot Rescue 1 and 2, but those two got combined into a single 3DS download that's actually cheaper than the DSiWares combined.

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I remember enjoying Undead Storm, fun shooter that had co-op and a bunch of achievements, however it is gone now.

The DSi had a lot of good games, I remember first hearing about the DSi shop having the game & watch games. I remember first coming to this site to learn more about Clay Fighter DSi (I wanted a fighting game on the DSi)

DSi also had a good version of Tetris and Dr Mario, but sadly DSi ware is old digital games which will most likely soon go all together, even on the 3DS.

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@Undead_terror I remember playing Photo Dojo, it was free for a while. As far as fighting games go it has extremely little depth but it was neat as a novelty. Always thought it was strange how few good fighting games the DS had.

It is unfortunate that these games will likely die when the 3DS dies, but I do have a hacked DSi and friends who can send me any DSiware I want from a massive Google Drive, so there'll always be a way.

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