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geek-master wrote:

i already am working on a game for DSi cade. its going to be called choose wisely and its basicly like choseing pathways and not ending up in a dead end basicly it will be a try your luck game

Sounds pretty cool! I look forward to seeing what you come up with! Feel free to PM me over on if you need any tech help with the DSi. I'm the guy that started the DSiCade Beta thread.

On that same note, Defend Our Home (D.O.H.), the next game I'm working on, will be delayed by a few days. We kind of got picked up by Kotaku yesterday and I ended up spending my time working on emergency language filters for the ShoutBox rather than working on DOH.

But I promised my wife that I'd have the new game ready for her dad's visit next week (he loves this type of game), so never fear! It will be out soon.



Hi All! I figured I'd give a quick update on DSiCade while we're waiting for the official announcement of Mighty Flip Champs. (I'm so excited! )

First off, you might have noticed that I haven't updated this thread much. Well, that's primarily beccause I've been keeping up with the absolute flood of new users we've gotten in recent weeks. See, DSiCade first got picked up by GoNintendo which buffeted the site's capabilities. (Let's just say I was spending a lot of time manually banning disruptive users. ) Then Kotaku (who has never even once mentioned WiiCade in the past) picked up the story, which (predictably) started getting picked up by all the other major sites. (e.g. Joystiq)

So we had a lot of disruptive traffic to deal with, which slowed things down a bit as I had to focus on infrastructure tasks. However, Defend Our Home did eventually get done and can now be played on your DSi. (Apologies for the long load time, but it's a side effect of making the DSi browser run as fast as possible. I hope the near-commercial quality of the game makes up for this. ) We also have a user submission called WackyTap and the community has been working hard to help out with avatars, graphics, and other useful stuff.

(DOH is a high quality arcade game
for your Nintendo DSi.)

So that's the update! I hope everyone enjoys the new games and features we've deployed! And I hope to see many of you on the ShoutBox.

(To play, point your DSi at

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