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Hi!I'm mew on this forum and i broguht a big question:
I have a dsi US version and i want to buy some dsi points but i'm from Romania and i found somebody who sell dsi points.My question is:If i have a dsi us version the points from Europe will work on my dsi?



I'm fairly certain that the answer to that is no. You need to get points in the US. I think even if you try put points on using a credit card in the DSi store, it has to be registered to an address in the US.

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I guess you could buy US points somewhere online.

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Dan is correct; if you have a US DSi, you'll need to either purchase a North American DSi Points card or use a credit card that has a US address to buy your points through the DSi Shop. There are usually places online to purchase points cards for any region, though. :3

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