Topic: DSi Player Console for Wii?

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How would it be possible to use the Wii as controls for DS games (played on t.v.)?

Would you want to be able to (DS on Wii)? You know like a DS playable Console on the Wii?

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I'm not sure if it would be too practical to begin with, let alone possible. It would be great for a few select games but others...not so much.



Well the dual screens woud skew the image and the wii remote IR isent nearly as presice as a styles. So I dont think I'd want this.

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How about in a scenario where your DSi cannot read carts anymore (sorry, to let you imagine =D), and they are 'downloaded' (bought) on the Wii where you would have to have Motion-Plus to play on t.v., but be able to download onto the DSi, and transfer from Wii to DSi using an SD card?! lol

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