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theblackdragon wrote:

Victoria wrote:

You know, ever since you posted this I started wondering about those L & R buttons. I don't think I ever use mine except to snap photos. I guess I've not come across any games that needed it?

The L/R buttons get some use in TWEWY (switching between sub/main pins?), and I know they get use in SMT: Devil Survivor (checking stats during battle), LoZ: Phantom Hourglass (using held item?), and Moon (firing)... there's probably more games that use the L button as something important as well, though there are games where you can use the stylus or a different button instead (the Ace Attorney series, Star Fox Command, etc.). :3

They're used in MANY RPGS also.

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Blow in it. seriously my friend did it, now it works.

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Old forum, i know; but I just couldn't help it...

Syf wrote:

Well, I got my DSi on launch and it has usually been working fine without problems. However, something happened to the Left trigger, the L button, that it won't make the usual clicky noise that it is supposed to make and it feels squishy to press. The DSi doesn't recognize that I'm pressing the L button at all. Sometimes the R button is not detected either but it still clicks properly unlike the L trigger.

I really don't want to get a new DSi since I'll lose all the games I downloaded onto the current one. Help would be much appreciated!

First off, I have/had this similar problem with my DSi. The L-button is not squishy or sticky, and it clicks fine; so does the R-button, but sometimes it feels like its not even pressing down. The L-button's problem goes on and off, but i often assumed these buttons were dusty or sugary, and attempted to prod the cracks at the buttons' edge with a toothpick, or mechanical pencil when I don't have a toothpick (which is most of the time).

I read this earlier today and saw what others said about blowing into the L and R buttons. I tried it, first on the L, and it worked immedietly! After that, I tried it with R, but it took a few more tries before it responded properly.

About your L-button, (this is an old forum, and I didn't read everyone's comment, so maybe you've solved your problem already), if its squishy or sticky, try cleaning it with something small and sharp, like a needle or toothpick; or something clean and moist, like a Clorox wipe or a wet tissue. When my brothers and I were much younger, the cup-holders of our mom's car would often be sticky and brown. This happened after we ate candy or sugary juice. Maybe a similar problem has happened with your L-button; if something sugary or syrup-ey has gotten between the cracks. Like if you have a kid-brother (or sister) who sometimes take your DS, or if you sometimes eat while playing your DS.

I don't know much about the DS' mechanism, and I have never taken one apart, but I hope I helped anyway. ^_^ And I hope I didn't drown you with thousands of words...



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