Topic: Dsi Firmware 1.4E Comes This Summer?

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Kim+Jong-II wrote:

Knowing Nintendo, it will add a single, useless function and a block for flash cards that will be circumvented in 3 days,

pretty much. D:

future of NL >:3
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Nintendo Announced it for Mid-August! Free ofcorse download it at "System update" in the system settings... Flipnote studio 150 blocks? Aw...

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TheEmulationZones wrote:

Also Peaple From Europe, Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 3 Looks Like Its Comming End 2009 For Us!

No, noooo, you don't mean that !
Nintendo is scruing us! I want it NOW! Why should they wait so long for things like that for Europe? But that new firmware update looks nice, now add an DS Demo Download service, and an SD-card Menu, and the party is complete!

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minial100 wrote:

Me too. Watch it be like 150 blocks

No it will be 87 Blocks, Check the japanese site with Google Translate!

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if you are so sure TheEmulationZones why do you put a question mark at the end of the subject?

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I use Facebook all the time and have uploaded many pictures from my DSi to my albums via SD card. I suppose it would save a little bit of effort but unless it has a little bit more I'm not really bothered whether it comes out or not. But Flipnote I am dying for in Australia. I'm even going into DSi Shop every 3 days to see if it's been released on a random date.

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