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Topic: DSi-Exclusive Games are Go

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Twilight+Crow wrote:

Only an absolutely magnificent Dsi only game would make me want to buy a Dsi, or maybe a good VC release too :P; the handheld is nice and everything, just not for me, I'm alright with my DS Lite, and surely there will still be plenty of games to play on it.

I'm in the same boat right now. We have two DS Lites and while I would like a DSi, I have no good reason to justify it quite yet. Once we start getting some DSi exclusives and/or some good DSiWare games, then I will probably take the plunge.

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I agree if I had a DSLite I wouldn't upgrade either (except it's totally scratchy and half broken and stuff :P)
But I just had a NDS when it was released and sold it a few months later so I didn't have a DS for 4 years and therefore I preordered the DSi and got it just on the release date, and I think if you're going to buy your first DS or want to upgrade from the Original one you should go with the DSi (Except you're totally into GBA games ;) )
But there are a few pretty good title announced for the DSiWare (Mighty Flip Champs, Pop+ solo etc.) And there are some good ones availlable now (eg. Dr.Mario and the ArtStyle Games and Realfootball 2009/Realsoccer 2009 which is a complete soccergame that could be sold for 30 bucks but instead it's only 8 $ an DSiWare ^^ )

Mainstreamguy wrote:

The only game I'm missing is WarioWare: Twisted
bad thing the DSi has no built in Gyro Sensor (or does it?^^)
I bet Nintendo will re-release the GBA Pokemon games on this "Virtual Handheld"

I don't know much about technic stuff but couldn't the DSi Camera serve as an alternative to the gyrosensor? I think yes because in WarioWare Snapped it recognises your movements and it recognises how fast they are, too so I think the camera could be diverted from its intended use and made into a "gyro camera" :D

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