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My friend wants to come over and she has a DS, but no charger...and her system needs charging, lol. Was wondering, are all three chargers (DS, Lite, and DSi) the same? I have a DSi but I'm not sure if its charger would work for her DS...


As far as I know, All three DS models have different chargers.

The GameBoy Advanced SP has the same charger as the original DS, though, if that helps.

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DSL charger works for DSi, but not for DS.



The DSi has it's own type of charger. You cannot use a DS Lite charger with the DSi. In fact all three DS models have a different charger connection and will not work with each other.

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Yeah, I now know, thanks guys.
@terry: actually I looked it up and the only other system that's able to work with the DS is the SP, all 3 DS chargers are different from each other.


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