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is it safe to say if ur move buttons dont always function correctly that it cant be repaired? do you think its the plastic on top or the underneath hardware?

I have a old ds lite that I stopped using cause the movement keys werent as fluid as I think they should be. I bought the unit used and I think it was used a ton by the seller and then I used it a lot. every button works fine except the movement ones sometimes dont register.

anyone know if they by chance sell replacement buttons ? or if you figure it's for sure the hardware in some other way? or anything else that could maybe repair the buttons?

for insance I would play pokemon diamond, and i would just go left and it would sit still... doesnt happen all the time but noticeable enough to make it quite not natural feeling.



@Jarester On Ebay you can find all kinds of replacement part for the DS Phat, DS lite etc.



Nintendo still offers repairs (if I'm not mistaken), though there are plenty of third parties selling spare parts on eBay and the like.

An affiliate link to a Link in need is an affiliate Link indeed.

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