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Well, this slid under the radar, but now that it's been released, anyone take the plunge on it? For $2 it could be worth it, but considering how inconsistent CIRCLE's track record has been (and the mountain of other games I have yet to get from this year), I personally won't be grabbing it before a review.

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I've enjoyed it myself, not much to it but it was worth the $2

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It sounds like it may be a nice little RPG but I'll wait for a review too.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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Eh, I just watched a video of it on the eShop. If that same 1-measure loop of battle music is all that the game will play, I think I'll just listen to my iPod while playing it. Other than that, still looking for some impressions.

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I might have to check this out for $2

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