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HugoSmits wrote:

@TG1 make sure you are totally at the top of the ladder (bumb your head into the block next to the ladder on the left to make sure). Then just press left and
believe in it! (it's very important you believe in yourself!). It should work then

Got it to work by switching to the d-pad! For some reason I just couldn't seem to do it with the circle pad, but as soon as I tried the d-pad it worked the first time!



the hell are you supposed to be able to get that middle coin in 4-2? it's driving me up a wall D:

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theblackdragon wrote:

the hell are you supposed to be able to get that middle coin in 4-2? it's driving me up a wall D:

Me too! It's one of 3 coins I haven't gotten yet, along w/ one in 4-3 and one in the boncus world in 5 that I just unlocked.

It's great though! Anyone worried about the games length needn't be ... getting all the coins will keep you busy.



A patch has been submitted and passed people with the EU version should be able to update soon,
and collect all the coins!




Finally got around to playing this, and I quite enjoyed it. It's short, but solid. Par times would be a simple way to add replay value.

I can't get that middle coin on 4-2 though. The only way I can see is to fall towards it and time it where the flying monster is at its lowest point, but I can't get the timing right (if that's the way to do it anyway). Is there even enough space to get the coin this way?

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@HugoSmits, the directions you provided for level 5 were very helpful, so thank you! Could you do the same for level 4? I'm having trouble with one coin in a few of them as well. Also, I bought all your other DSiWare games and love them all! The experiences are very different but very innovative! Keep up the good work and hope to see one on the 3DS soon!

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