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I may be in the minority here, but if it were more like Carnival Games DS meets arcade, with much better controls and prizes (not costume parts), I'd be more interested in it. Games like this have potential for replay, in short bursts at a time. More mini-games, randomising the prize lineup, swapping prizes with friends, leaderboard, multiplayer vs — lots of things they could've done to make it a tad more exciting. As is, it's a lost opportunity. As @grumblegrumble said, it looks like they were targeting a young audience, though I'd suspect some will get bored after a while with the limited content. Maybe enough to whet their appetite for a visit to the local Chuck E. Cheese's.



How could UFO not have the imagination to make more minigames?
I man, come on. There could've been more (or at least the small amount of minigames could've been actually GOOD)

Do you truly look at things positively? For example, do you look at the glass like it's always full? (Half water, half air.) Or when someone "lets the cat out of the bag," do you think it's because the person felt sorry for the cat stuck in the bag? There is a positive side to almost everything.


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