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I just received a used copy of Chrono Trigger DS I bought off eBay. When testing the cart, I noticed that New Game+ was a start option.
I’ve never played Chrono Trigger before, nor a game with a New Game+ option unlocked.

I read online what the New Game+ option unlocks for Chrono Trigger. Does anyone recommend using a New Game + for an initial play through? Years ago I wouldn’t have considered forgoing a regular run first, but I’ve had much less time to game over the recent years, and I am more open to exploits that make games a little easier to finish.




It would make the game much easier. But also, you have to remember that doing New Game Plus also allows for you to unlock the secret endings.

Personally, I would go through the game in a normal new game. Its up to you ultimately.




Thanks. I guess the obvious answer is to start a normal run knowing I have the new game+ in my back pocket. My main questions probably had to do with the endings and grinding. If I’m only going to play once, should I go with the + for purposes of triggering a particular ending, and how slow going is the grinding?



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