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Topic: Can't connect to wifi with Pokémon White

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First of all, I'm new to the forums, and I just bought myself a Nintendo DSi today.
It's all working properly, but I can't seem to get Pokémon White online.
I have a TP-Link Wireless Router, 20MBits connection (ADSL/Cable), WPA2 and the model for my Router is TL-WR841N.

I have tried several ways to get connected.
As far as I know I need to use the Advanced Setup, so I have Connection 4 all ready to go.
Filled in my SSID, My WPA2 key, Auto-Obtain IP Adres (Yes), DNS (Yes), Proxy Settings (Yes), MTU value: 1400
Then I click save to test, connection test successful, and I get this code, which is gone fast after that.

Then I click back to return to the start, and I've tested my browser to make sure I am connected, which I am.
But as soon as I start Pokémon White, and click the NINTENDO WFC SETTINGS, I get this message:

"Please configure your connection settings under Internet option in the System Settings.
For help, visit support.nintendo.com."

So I have no idea what is wrong. Is there a particular part in the game I need to get to before this option is available, or what?
I am positive the connection works, since the DSi connects to Google, and I also have my laptop and phone on the same connection.

Also, is it possible that the device automatically connects to WiFi? 'Cause I always test the connection, I can't tell if I'm automatically connected to WiFi.
I also know both the game and the device are compatible for it, unless I've misread something. I am totally clueless and a bit disappointed. :(
Can someone help me?


Edit: Could it be 'cause I don't have the C Gear yet? :O

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Your game is fine, actually. That "Please configure your connection settings under Internet option in the System Settings" always appears on DSi - on DS/DSLite it'd bring up that old wi-fi config menu that only supports WEP, but because DSi has its own internet config, it's advising you to use that instead. Once your config has been set up on the DSi settings, it's set up for Pokémon White as well.

You don't need to configure anything in-game; when you get the C-Gear it will connect to the internet just fine :)

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Thank you for your quick response!
And yes, you were right; it does connect to the internet, without having problems. Is is normal that when I want to use the DSi's web browser, it asks if I want to connect to the internet. Doesn't the DSi automatically connect to the wifi once it's set up?

Anyways, it's solved, and I do have a connection, since the wifi icon is green or yellow most of the time.
Thank you very much!

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