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I remember this game about cats and dogs, and it was just about taking care of them and training them. It all took place in a house and I remember it was a two story house, and the cats were everywhere. It’s not any of the nintendogs games or dogz and cats or anything cause I’ve tried them and it’s not them. I remember I could walk the dogs and go to the park and train them there. Sometimes we’d meet other dogs, I think. Also the cats could breed I’m pretty sure. You could also like feed them and brush them and all. Literally been trying to find this game forever and can’t remember the game since I was like 7/8. Oh yeah and the dogs would go to competitions and win trophies n all. It’s such a distant memory it always feels fake omg.
The dog championships were jumping over those sticks and doing all that.

If it helps I remember lots of my cats were white with grey limbs and snouts, or grey with stripes. I know this might not be a helpful description but if anyone even thinks it might be a certain game pls!!

Please help if you can!! It would mean so much if anyone could help, or at least say they remember too, cause I’ve been looking for it for so long I feel delusional lmfao.

BTW i had it on a DSi.



the only game i know besides nintendogs is paws and claws, dont know if its the right one

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Sounds like nintendogs + cats for 3DS

Nice >:]

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Played on DSi ?
I think these are the possibilities :
1. Petz Nursery DS
2. Petz Fashion Dogz and Catz DS
3. The Sims 2 Apartment Pets DS

Btw, did you still remember the cover of the game or the publisher's name on the cover ?

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