Topic: Can someone recommend a good RPG for DS?

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This summer, I decided I'm finally going to complete a RPG. I have played many, but I have never finished one all the way to the end. Currently, these are the ones I'm looking at:

Chrono Trigger (Kinda already playing it, but I'm not sure if this is my definite pick)
The World Ends with You (Tried before and didn't really like, but I may give it a second chance)
Final Fantasy IV (I like the FF games, they should make FFVI DS)
Dragon Quest IV or V (Kinda want to try a DQ game)

BTW, if anyone wants first impressions on Dragon Quest IX, I will deliver.

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TWEWY is IMO, a masterpiece. You should give it another chance.
Chrono Trigger is a masterpiece, continue it.
FFIV and DQ IVis were very very boring... There were too slow...

I reccomend you also Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor, is one of the best RPGs i've played in years.




Well i've never played TWEWY but I do want to get it as i've heard great comments about it. But out of the other games you've listed, the one you should complete is Chrono Trigger, hands down. It has enough endings to rack up weeks and weeks of gameplay, and is in my opinion the best RPG on the DS, PERIOD.

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OK, It's either gonna be Chrono Trigger or The World Ends with You. Which do you think I should choose?

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Since you said that you didn't really like The World Ends with You the first time you may not like it the second time around. I think you should just go with Chrono Trigger. It really is an amazing game! Have you considered Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor? That is another really awesome game!



I played TWEWY today and I really started to like it. But I think I will just go with CT, as that was my first choice and is one of the best games ever.

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Chrono Trigger Get it Good Sir

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It's not on on you're list, but try Sonic Chronicles.


If you come across a dead end in Chrono Trigger, look online for a walkthrough. That's the only thing with old RPGs I don't like, sometimes you get very vague hints that makes it almost impossible to play without a strategy guide.

Also, lucky for the DS, both Chrono Trigger and The World Ends With You are now priced at 19.99.

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even though im not a chrono trigger fan...GET IT!

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