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Recently, on my DSi, I've had issues with the photo channel. It keeps on freezing irregularly and i can't figure out why. It doesn't freeze anywhere else, just the photo channel.

Can any of us almightly forum members of NL impart their glorius wisdom ( ) on me for solving the issue?


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Really havent played alot on my photo channel but with what I have its never frozen up. Are you using your pics off a SD card when it freezes?

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do you have an SD card in your DSi? try running the photo channel with your SD card removed and see if it still freezes on you. it may be an issue with your SD card; did you do anything to it (add music, back up pictures, etc.) recently?

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I've had music on my SD Card in the DSi for ages, so that shouldn't have anything to do with it. All my pictures are saved to the internal memory and not the SD Card, none of them are on it. I'll try removing it and see how that works out. If it does still freeze, I'll contact Nintendo about it.


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