Topic: Best place to buy DS games for a decent price? (Online)

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Trying to pick a some games I never had a chance to try.



I don't know, Amazon usually has some cheap games, especially

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I'd say ebay can be good, but only if you know how to watch out for bootleg sellers.



I get almost all of my games from Amazon. The prices are usually very good.

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Amazon and eBay are good for me. I've slowly been building a collection of the games I played a few years back.

On a related note, where is the best place to pick up Saga 2 and 3 for DS? Most places are selling it for about £40, which is a little much, and I have little hope of a 3DS eShop release for any of the FFLegends games.

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Amazon has worked well for me, especially with used games. I don't buy at Gamestop anymore because no cases and they slap their ugly stickers all over everything, including right on the game cartridge. Blech.

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Amazon all around. Thats where I go for my DS games since I missed alot during the DS life span.

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Like everyone else said, Amazon and Ebay are the places to go. Amazon sells new ones for cheap, while Ebay does the same, you'll mostly find them expensive when new and when used they'll mostly be cartridge only, which means there might be a chance those games are bootlegs. I only buy them when they're in "complete" condition if buying new is expensive.

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I've had good luck on eBay, but recently I seem to sell more on eBay than I buy. I just sold my Club Nintendo Game & Watch Collection, and the DS Lite Internet Browser. And since I upgraded to a 3DS, I'm currently selling my Mario Kart DS.
I actually bough my 3DS XL on eBay from Toys R Us, they have good deals on eBay quite often.




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