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Yes, I know that Mario's Cement Factory, DK jr., and Vermin are the best rated.
But which (out of all Nintendo has released on DSiware) is the best?
Your opinion would be nice.

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Mario's Cement Factory and DK jr. are the best. My favourite of all is Mario Bros though, but sadly that's not on DSiWare



I always liked Octopus. It just looks soo cool.

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My favorite Game & Watch game on DSiWare is definetly DK Jr, but my favorite Game & Watch game that I've played is DK. I'd like to get Game & Watch Zelda someday soon...



Mario's Cement Factory by far. One of the more complex and addicting G&W titles, especially loved its GBA remake.

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Klyo wrote:

I only played Helmet. It gets repeditive after 2 minutes.
Has anyone got Game and Watch Gallery 2 for DS and played the Parachute X Octopus?

Its game & watch collection 2 and yes I own and played it, heres a vid.

To me the GWC is best club nintendo reward besides the download tickets.

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I like Chef!

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i would recommend vermin, DK Jr, or maybe chef

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Out of the DSiWare titles my favourite is by far Donkey Kong Jr, followed by Mario's Cement Factory, and Chef, and that's basically all I have.
I do have Game & Watch Gallery for Game Boy on the 3DS Virtual Console, which is great too. This one has Manhole, Octopus, Fire and Oil Panic, and I absolutely love Oil Panic.

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I have Vermin and DK Jr., and I much prefer DK Jr. Vermin is fun, but gets old a lot faster. I'm sure Mario's Cement Factory is also really good, though.

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I would love Zelda and Super mario bros to get released!



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