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What do you think is the best DS model? Personally i'm torn between the Lite and the DSi version. lite can play GBA but the the bigger and bether screens on the DSi is just so pretty...



The one that does the 3d.

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3DS, is not exactly DS.

Best model(s):
DSiXL, For its screen, sound, battery and can play enhanced DS retail games.
DS Lite, Plays GBA, good battery, sleek, slim and cute.(Can play games from any region, that are not DSi enhanced?)

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Happy_Mask wrote:

The one that does the 3d.

If that counts, easily. If not, the DSi.


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The Nintendo DS Lite is my favorite in the DS family.

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I feel like the DSi had the best hardware, screen size, etc. along with having some really great DSiWare exclusives so make it the best DS model. It was much better hardware than the DS Lite and screen size was perfect unlike DSi XL where everything looked ridiculously pixelated.

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DS Lite

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Honestly I would have to go with the 3DS. As much as I liked the Original DS and DSlite for the simple reason that they could play GBA games, I have found that I have been spending alot of time playing my 3DS. Even more so than my Wii and Xbox 360. Plus I dont know maybe its me but I am really enjoying the game lineup especially games like Resident Evil Revelations, NSMB2, Mario Kart 7. And I am looking forward to future games like Epic Mickey 2 and Castlevania LoS 2 as well. Another reason that I like the 3DS is the fact that I can play a few of my favorite GB titles like the SML series without having to dig out my Gameboy.

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^ The 3DS isn't a DS model. It's a 3DS model. They're a separate system family.

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Yeah, if the 3DS counted then that wouldn't be fair as it's clearly superior.

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If you count the 3DS, then that.

If not, it depends on personal preference. If you want to play GBA games, then a DS Lite. If you want a bigger screen, then the XL

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DS Lite. GBA>DSi

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DS Lite. It was the one I owned and GBA games were still playable.

I will give the DSi it's credit though. The shoulder buttons definitely lasted longer.

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I have a GBA SP to play my GB/GBC/GBA games.
DSi plays DSiWare. Awesomeness. :3

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WhiteKnight wrote:

The original DS because it was the last time Nintendo made a handheld console with shoulder buttons that didn't feel like they are about to break every time you so much as touch them.

^this. Everything about the DS phat was un-freaking-breakable, except those barrel hinges. My friends all got the lite, and they all stopped being able to drift in Mario Kart a year or two later!

edit: The phat also had the awesome click-dpad which in my opinion is way more accurate than the raised kind in the Lite and the 3DS.

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big point for the dsi for having all the great dsiware games.
but the buttons always hurt after a while

3DS is not a DS. like the playstation 2 is not a PSX

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I've only played the DSi XL and DS Lite for appreciable amounts of time - of those, the XL definitely. I tend not to take a DS with me, so the XL is a perfect size for sitting at home and playing games. I also prefer the buttons to the DSL. The addition of the DSi Shop and nicer (IMO) screens give it the edge.

That said, the Lite really is a nice little system. It's built well (apart from the hinge, which is prone to breaking) and is a good size for those times when I want to go out and about with some games.

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I loved the original DS for its size and weight which were very comfortable to me. However, my favorite version of the system would have to be the DSi because of the added functionality (ex. music player, DSiWare) and nice screens. I was never much of a fan of the DS Lite, because I always had trouble with it's D-Pad. It just never felt right, especially when trying to hit diagonals.

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Geonjaha wrote:

I have a GBA SP to play my GB/GBC/GBA games.
DSi plays DSiWare. Awesomeness. :3

That one makes sense. LOL.


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