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Has anyone played and would recommend Aura-Aura Climber? It's been added to Club Nintendo and is fairly cheap so I was wondering if it's worth a punt or should I save my stars for something else.

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Well, I remember it being popular.

If you can find the old thread for it, you'll see many positive comments about it.

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EU got Aura Aura Climber for a reward!? Augh! Lucky!

Aura Aura Climber is hands down, in my opinion, the best game on the DSiWare service. Forget Shatae, this game has a decent length campaign for $2, great level design, the mechanics of the game are creative and easy to learn creating a very fun and fair challenge, lots of replay ability in achievements and an endless mode, and overall the game has a lot of charm in its presentation. For only $2 though I'd recommend to just buy it, save yourself some cash by buying a more expensive game through club nintendo. If its cheap on club Nintendo too though, absolutely go for it.

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Oh my god I loved this game. It was one of the first games I got on my 3DS (because at the time there weren't any other decent $2 games), and it got a lot of play out of me until I finally got Etrian Odyssey IV.

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Cheers, it sounds like it's worth the punt!

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Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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I was just looking at this (Aura Aura) too, wondering if it was worth the 600 points on UK Club Nintendo. I have 850; there isn't a lot available for what I've got, so I'll take a punt.

I doubt Nintendo will be releasing much more onto Club Nintendo in it's final weeks, so might as well use my points.



I got it via Club Nintendo and I really like it .

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One of my favourite DSiWare games of all time. I think it's probably my 3rd favourite, only behind Mario vs Donkey Kong Minis March Again and Plants vs Zombies.
The gameplay is addictive, the levels are great, and has great content for a €2 game! You should totally get it!

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I did get it, but not played it yet.

BTW Poketendo - PvZ is one of my faves too. Completed it on a multitude of systems 100%. I'm currently enjoying PvZ 2 on Android



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