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I dunno if it's available in the US yet, but can I just say this game is by far, the best of the Art Styles to be release so far (I've downloaded them all). Picopict is good, but Kubos has such class, and is so increbily addictive - it's basically the kind of puzzle game that appeals to me most.

Those of you that have it - what's your highest score for the 10 floors? I'm at 309,000 right now, but a little disappointed - I still have difficulty maximising complete lines of blocks in the end game.

So far, the order of Art Style games for me is

1. Kubos
2. Code
3. PicoPict
4. Aquite
5. Nemrem (I can't stand this, but my brother is as addicted to it as I am to Kubos)


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