Topic: Anyone still playing HeartGold/SoulSilver?

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i play these all the time



I got heartgold last friday. I haven't got the Kanto badges yet because I'm focusing on raising my pokemon's level and doing a bit of speed stat training in Diglett's cave and also raising stat's in special attack. My Latias has her EV's maxed out in speed and special attack so now I'm training Houndoom and Lugia. Anyone who does not EV train probably doesn't know how to play pokemon.

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RabidPikachu wrote:

Anyone who does not EV train probably doesn't know how to play pokemon.

EV training is pointless if you don't battle online which I don't. It seems like I don't know how to play Pokémon then.
The reason why I don't play online is that I'm just too lazy and I don't have time to get some Pokémon with good IVs and train EVs and get all the Pokémon to level 100. I have other things to do. I'm more like a Pokémon collector which was the idea of Pokémon in first place. Gotta catch 'em all!

When it comes to beating a Pokémon game you don't really need to care about anything and you can still beat it. I've done some challenges like One Pokémon Challenge, Random Pokémon Challenge and Monotype Challenge. None of them felt like a challenge so next thing I'm gonna try is Nuzlocke Challenge. That one should be pretty hard.

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On my 3rd egg for transfering eggs to Pokemon Black. I managed to get a shiny Tyrogue, today at 05:00am, calm nature (Has a great moveset and is likely to evolve into Hitmontop).


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Occasionally. I started a derp team run on my Soul Silver a while back (Quilava, Skiploom, Quagsire, Magnemite, Dunsparce, Mantine). Should get back to that, and at least beat the Elite Four.

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No,I just admire the pretty box.

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A-Hungry-Banker wrote:

No,I just admire the pretty box.

It isn't pretty. Just shiny.

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A-Hungry-Banker wrote:

No,I just admire the pretty box.

Same... I loved it and WOULD still play it but it doesnt have 5th generation making me feel incomplete playing it. I'm not selling it though. To many good memories of me waiting for it to come out. Yelling: HEARTGOLD AND SOULSILVER!


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