Topic: anyone here who plays Harvest Moon?

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I started playing Harvest Moon on the SNES, I had a GBA HM, I never played the N64 much, I still have A Wonderful Life on GC and I have played through HMDS and played a bit on Island of Happiness. I am hesitant on the Wii version though. I played through Rune Factory but not RF2 or the Wii version. Innocent Life on the PSP was an interesting take on HM as well, I did enjoy it, but was tedious at times.

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Big HM fan here - my first proper one was Friends of Mineral Town, which I adored, and then moved onto A Wonderful Life, which I loved even more and is probably my favourite HM game ever. That said, I really liked Rune Factory and Innocent Life - thought the latter was a beautiful looking and sounding game that did get tedious (as you said, Old School) although it was nice to see them do something different with the franchise.

I got Magical Melody on Wii and thought it was absolutely, unspeakably horrible. Great idea but so badly done - it looks like a PSOne game! Big loading screens, slow movement, rubbish controls... yet I still think I may have been too harsh on it, so perhaps I'll give it another chance.

Sadly here in the UK we have huge waits for all the HM games, so we're still waiting for HM: Tree of Life (or whatever) on Wii and Rune Factory 2 on DS, which I demand as the first one is great!


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I own the SNES game, but I did recently purchase the two Rune Factory DS games to see how they are. If I like them I might pick up the Rune Factory: Frontier Wii game.

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I do love me some farming goodness whenI got magical melody (GC) they gave me a HM plush sheep thats sitting next to my wii

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I loved Harvest Moon for SNES and for GBC. Those two were my favorites.
I also played HM A Wonderful Life for GC for a while but it wasn't as addicting.
Nowadays I don't play it anymore.



My first was on the Gamecube, but I like Rune Factory a bit more ^^.

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