Topic: And...? How good is MIGHTY FLIP CHAMPS?

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Europe is waiting for Mighty Flip Champs.
Today, 1 June, it comes out in USA.

So... please, tell everything about it!

Go ahead... make my day!


Wait till 12:00 Pacific Time, that is when its available.



it's out right now. Nintendo release games at 12pm ET everywhere

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just got done playing!

it's really good, i love the art style, and as far as i know there are plenty of stages to go through

A great purchase, overall


It's really good, and I haven't even done ten levels yet. The puzzles are fun, and there's maybe 2 mega-easy levels. They start requiring brainwork early on. I hope the game takes me awhile to beat!



Man, I wish I had a DSi so I could play this!



MFC is fun so far, did the first 6 stages - catchy music, good art, sort of reminiscent of the SNES era. Definitely has a replay value with the scoring of each stage. I feel certain it'll be worth the points.

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MFC = Epic win

Great design, fun charachters, challenging puzzles, cool music, and so much more. Buy it now!

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Awesome game. This game is one of few games which takes advantage of both screens simultaneously. I always admire when developers can take advantage of the big N's wacky new hardware. Those S ranks are challenging and a lot of fun to chase after too, which adds a good deal of replay value as ReZon said.

I hope this helps set a standard in quality for DSi releases. We need to see more games of this caliber, not just on DSiWare, but on all of Nintendo's services.

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Pretty damn good, but admittingly I only played 45 minutes then went on to Texas Hold'em Tournament. Happy with both.



It's pretty fun. Stage seven already has me going "Wha?" with its flipbook maze. I love it!

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Love the anime style are scenes. Game is fantastic so far.

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I'm still stuck on the 4th stage! I feel hopeless but I'm having fun lol

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I have two questions:
1. How long can you play it and can you play through the game repeatedly and still having fun?

2. Has anybody an idea when it comes out in Europe? I just know between June and July 2009 does anybody know a more precisely date?

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Well I'm only about 10 levels in, and some of those are still pretty difficult. Looking forward to getting further, but still having fun. Not sure how many there are going to be, but the length will depend on the player.

There are a few levels that I've come across which contain many 'flip' worlds. One took me over 24 flips through 5 worlds and took some major exploring and multiple tries before I figured it out.

Once you beat the levels, you get a grade based on your speed and number of flips. I've seen C,B,A and S, with the S being the best (Might be Lower than Cs too, but I haven't earned any). So replay would be seeing if you can get all Ss. The cut-scenes are funny and the music good. So far it's nice to have this game available on the DSi service.

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It's a lot of fun, and very tricky later on.

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Let me guess, you give it a 7. Lol.
Totally kidding BTW, I know you aren't "addicted to 7's" like everyone here seems to think.

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The game itself is tons of fun! This is a MUST-BUY for any DSi owner. Especially if you liked Toki Tori on the Wii. The flipping trick is a neat idea for a platform puzzler that works pretty well in practice. Still, the game is not without issues...

1. The puzzle order seems a bit bizarre. e.g. You have to do a super-complex set of flips across 5 boards on level 7, then follow it up with a really easy puzzle where you walk of a ledge, flip, rinse, repeat. The ordering could have been improved to ramp up the challenge more smoothly.

2. I don't know about anyone else, but I've several times lost to accidental flips. Being a platformer, I keep trying to jump! Also, I have tried to dismiss the fish-man's thought bubbles a couple times.

3. The art style is a bit disturbing. When the game starts, you see only one ESRB warning burning itself into your retina: "Mildly Suggestive Content". You wonder what the heck that means until you see the art. Let's just say that chibi + "sexy" is weird enough. Adding in a fish-man boyfriend who wants her to collect him anthropomorphic pigs, cows, and cats, and you get a very... um... confused message from this game.

None of the cons are strong enough to weigh heavily on the game. It's about as perfect of a DSiWare game as anyone could ask! A true 9 out of 10. (But you can give it a 7 if you're a Corbie fan. )



I liked the game very much. However, I think the S rank is not challenging enough, though. Once you find out the shortest route to the finish point, just rush through it and you will definitely be 2 or 3 seconds faster than that needed for getting a S grade.



-Plenty of stages: at least 40
-A unique idea
-clever puzzles with challenging stages
-good art design, funny charachters (JET PACK CAT!)
-You can keep shooting for a S rank.
-Catchy music

-Alta looks wierd when she's falling.
-Some stages are really hard.
-Menus aren't that exciting.
-Get used to the fact that you can't jump.

-Presentation: 8.5/10
-Sound/Music: 8.5/10
-Graphics/Art: 9/10
-Gameplay: 10/10
-Lasting Appeal: 8/10
Overall Score: 8.8/10

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