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Really fancy a strategy game so going to go for one of the two Age of Empires ds games, can anyone recommend which is better/the one they prefer?

Also, should I be worried about buying used ds games or should they be fine?

Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated!

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One thats cheap and easy and LIKE AoE is Lego Battles.

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The PC games were always better. If you can get the PC game, I suggest checking out AoE II: Age of Kings, or if you can, snag yourself a copy of AoE I: Conquerors of Rome. Actually, I would also recommend the series' spinoff: Age of Mythology.

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I was going to suggest the PC ones, but he wanted a portable, so I didn't

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Age of Mythology is the bee's knees. 'Nuff said.

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I always liked the Age of Empires series. Very fun games.. I remember playing them online 12 years ago with crappy 56k connections. Good times. I usually lost miserably.

A couple years ago I played Age of Empires Online when it came out.. that was actually better than I expected and pretty fun while it lasted. Not to mention, free.


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as i big fan of the first PC games i should get the DS ones, too someday.

i am playing age of empires 2 - the conquerers almost daily for a few months now. maybe the best startegy game ever.

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