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A couple of people asked my opinion on these DSiWare versions of the classic strategy board games in another thread, but that thread has somehow vanished, so here's a new thread for my opinions on these games.

Absolute Chess is easily the best chess game on DSiWare, although there are reasons it's only 200 points. The basic game is just fine with two different control schemes that both work well, and a good blend of 4 different difficulty levels. There's also a "take back" option that you can set to be used as many times as you want, only up to a certain limit, or disabled completely. Single player is also expanded with an interesting mission mode. As for multiplayer, there's no online play, but there is local multiplayer via download play. To top off the main features, it includes a pretty good explanation on chess rules for beginners. As for the presentation, it's pretty simple, with anime-style player portraits and just two different backgrounds and two different chess sets available.

Stratego: Next Edition does an excellent job of digitizing Stratego. The presentation is nice, it controls well, and there are several different options and rules variations among 3 difficulty levels. Local multiplayer is also included, although both players must own the game.

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yeah I asked you about them but never saw that thread again. lol.. thanks for replying.. I think I will go with Stratego: Next Edition then and wait for a 3D chess game.. perhaps the 50 Classic Games 3D

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I have Fritz Chess (DS) and enjoy the game, but have considered "downgrading" to Absolute Chess and selling my copy. Not sure yet though.

Thanks for the comments. More information is always helpful!


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