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I haven't noticed this game get any attention on the site, and it looks quite promising, as NIS games tend to. I saw an October 6th release somewhere, but the trailer just says Fall. I also heard in an interview it's supposed to be an action-RPG, but the brief glimpses of combat in the video seem pretty turn-based to me. Either way, this is a game I'll certainly be getting. I was reminded of it when Sean compared that Kore game to Nightmare Before Christmas in another thread, and I think this game is even more similar in style to the movie.

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it looks really cute. i'll probably give it a shot, at least. i hope it has an interesting story. :3

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Cool, this is still alive? I'm pretty sure it was going to come out last year, and I never heard anything about it or what happened to it.

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I remember seeing this game in Nintendo Power magazine. I haven't seen much on it for a while but it looks pretty good! Thanks for putting this one back on my radar Adam!



According to Wikipedia, it's been out in Japan since May, and I saw a video on Game Trailers that said Fall 09 for America. They're apparently hoping for a Halloween release, according to multiple sources, though I have seen October 6th somewhere (forget where), but official sources only say Fall 09. From what I've read, it's been delayed so much because they decided to take the action out of "action-RPG." From the trailer, it looks like it'll be a dungeon crawler of sorts? Fine by me, I like those, too.

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