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Well, any minecraft mod players out there? No, I'm not asking for a make of the game like everyone else, no, have any of you played the computer craft mod? If so, know the minecraft text adventure game in the computers in the mod? I was wondering if it would be possible to make a port of that game? (Perhaps with limited visuals?) It's a different programming language, LUA I think, but, it can be done, no?



i'm pretty sure we already have someone on the site making something like that. i've seen their sprites. they might have dropped the project though, but we can both be hopeful, right? in case you're interested, i've got a zelda 3 planned for petit computer. i'm still on the drawing board, but i'm deep into my notebook with notes and story. just thought i'd let you in on that in case you're interested.


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If you'd like to get up with our Petit Computer loving users, the thread they hang out in is here. Enjoy! :3

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