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So, long story short, based on the news of Scribblenauts Unmasked, and a sale at EB in Canada, I decided to finally look into getting the Scribblenauts Games, and I love them!

Now, the discovery. I was playing Level 9-3 of Super Scribblenauts, and just by accident I happened to enter in "Maxwell". When the Doppleganger was dropped into the level, it checked off a stage in the puzzle. For those that don't know, in this puzzle you need to place three zodiac constellations in the sky. Since there are twelve constellations, even in advanced mode you would only need to know 9 of the constellations, and would never have to try anything else. After some investigating I discovered three very important things:

1) It turns out that instead of the constellations, the game also accepts if you place objects in the scene that correspond to the constellations. So, a fish would check off Pisces, a Lion would be Leo, etc.
2) You can only have one representation of each constellation to get a point: if you place the "Cancer" constellation and a "crab", only one of them will count towards solving the puzzle.
3) Putting the Maxwell Doppleganger in the level checks off the "Gemini" category.
4) Placing two of the same person in the level (two "Thors" or two "Cheerleaders") does NOT satisfy the "Gemini" category.

At first I thought that maybe placing the Doppleganger made it AS IF their were twins present, since Maxwell and the Doppleganger would both be in the scene. So, perhaps that is merely the case, and it's just a clever little trick they added in for possibly solving the puzzle.

But then I tried point 4, and realized that simply having two of the same person does not seem to count as "twins". Now, more likely than not, it is the case that what I just said was really the case. But then something else occurred to me: in Scribblenauts Unlimited we learn that Maxwell IS in fact a twin! He and Lily are twin siblings!

What do you guys think? Could this possibly have been hidden foreshadowing to the next game? Let me know!

(P.S.: Did anyone else know about this? I seem to be the first person to have discovered any of this! I can't find similar information about this anywhere online. I'm rather impressed with myself, but please let me know if you guys knew this!)

BONUS: Here's a list of all of the items that can be used in place of the constellations on this level:

Aquarius = Pitcher, Pisces = Fish, Aries = Goat, Taurus = Bull, Gemini = Twins or Maxwell, Cancer = Crab, Leo = Lion, Virgo = Virgin, Libra = Scales, Scorpio = Scorpion, Sagittarius = Archer, Capricorn = Ram.

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