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Topic: 1st DSi exclusive game!?! :D

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Yeah, I saw that too! Blerghh, Ghostwire was a nice concept, but can't the other's be original


Hey Thanks! I wanna buy this game, no matter what it costs... It looks so freaky and scary... :D I want it soo bad!

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lunchmeats101 wrote:

Ok, guys... check this out: http://gonintendo.com/viewstory.php?id=95157 Are ALL DSi-enhanced games going to be ghostwire rip-offs?

Well actually when I thought of it: What else could you do with a DSi only game than using the camera as much as possible... maybe it's not a ripoff but more like a new genre :P

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@Roopa132: You could take advantage of the doubled CPU and quadrupled RAM, apparantly. I'd rather they did some of that instead of having three way-too-similar-sounding games.

I'd actually noticed that Ghostwire wasn't being advertised as DSiWARE (I guess I missed wherever on NLife it was claimed). It makes more sense retail, IMO. It always sounded too big for DSiWare to me.

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