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Chicken Brutus lays down the law...

Recently several contests, run by forum members, have appeared on these boards. As you may have noticed, they don't typically last long. We (the moderators) delete these threads as quickly as possible.

But since they tend to keep popping up, I've been asked to write a short post regarding our stance on contests hosted by forum members.

Our stance is this: contests hosted by forum members are not allowed.

While we very much appreciate our forum members, and while we have nothing (at all) against people having a little fun on these boards (did I mention that Iwata stopped by the house yesterday?), the fact of the matter is that it is all too easy for these contests to collapse into arguments, accusations of unfairness, and the non-delivery of promised rewards. And while we at Nintendo Life take no responsibility for such contests, we find now that it's easier to just ban them outright, avoiding the problem altogether.

So please, do not begin any topics with the intention of hosting any kind of contest or competition. Such topics will be deleted, and repeat offenders may risk a ban. If you happen to see such a contest being hosted, do not participate; please report it by clicking the little "report" link to the upper right of the offending post.

It is regretful that we must do this, but it's a decision that was made with the best interests of the board in mind. We have an excellent group of posters here, and we'd like to maintain an environment that everybody can enjoy.

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Operations Director @ Nintendo Life and Push Square


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