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Hello everyone!

We're already starting to plan for 2015 and felt it was about time we did another reader survey, this helps us understand our readers (you) and think about how we want to improve the website going forward, there is a lot of work to be done but by answering our survey we'll know which things to prioritise.

If you have 3 minutes, would you mind completing our survey?


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@antdickens I got an error:

23000: Column 'complete' cannot be null

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I'm not subscribed to PSN, XBL, Netflix, Amazon or Spotify, and don't frequent another non-Nintendo site in particular, but those are required fields. What do I do?

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I think mine submitted properly? I dunno, when I get to the end and hit save, it just takes me to the same page, except with no questions on it.

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Did what I could. Didn't really want to pick an option for, uh, what was it, like late in the survey about things wanted to see more of. I think question 20. Kinda didn't think more of any of those was necessary but it wasn't a big deal to pick one so I just did that.

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I clicked 'Save' and I was directed back to NL homepage. Have I completed the survey?

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I said I was planning to buy a PS4 but none of the reasons listed on question 3 really apply to me. My reason would be superior versions of multiplatform games. Some great games last gen like Bayonetta and Skyrim had truly awful PS3 versions. I'm going with the PS4 as it looks to be the main console for multiplatform games this gen.



I think Talking Points should be part of which Area of Nintendo Life we value the most and want to see more of. Also, backwards compatibility should be one of the factors that help to choose a console. One final thought, a side bar of sorts that shows the goings-on of the other two websites, on each site. So Nintendo Life would have a What's New section for Push Square and Pure Xbox. I'd say that's the next best thing to making a combined website for them all. I would love a combined site, but clashing fanbases is a IGN or Gamespot thing, so I can see why they are kept separate.



On question 19, I could not find an option for reviews. That is one of my favorite parts of this site.

Nice to see that you are open to receiving feedback.

I will comment in this thread, never being able to find it again.



I don't know if that would be considered a plug, but I think it would be a neat idea to have this on the front page, or even as a news article. Not everyone comes to the forums (or may find the survey here) so a lot of people may not see this survey and thus not participate.

I will comment in this thread, never being able to find it again.


Good survey. Would be nice if question 20 wasn't required (or at least included something related to the forum, but I'm not entirely sure what would be appropriate).

Also, I forgot to write this in on the bottom, but I'd love it if staff got to participate in the community more often. Outside of admins, I hardly ever see any of you guys unless there's a big question involved or they're responding to harsh didn't used to be this way, too. I understand a lot of you are busy, but it still wish I could talk to you guys in the comments or forums every so often, just being yourselves and talking about the games like the rest of us. That used to be one of the big things that kept me coming back, and it's why I still go to sites like RPGFan, where the staff are staple members of their communities. It helps me get to know you guys better, and builds a sense of trust that I feel is very important to establishing a healthy community, even in the comment section, let alone the forum.

And not to be that guy, but Push Square does that, too, and while I have my qualms about that site, I do really appreciate just talking to the staff there, even if we don't always see eye to eye. Just as a point of reference, I get that the two sites are very different and are ultimately handled differently by different staff. But heck, sometimes they come over here and talk to us about stuff, and not just to advertise PushSquare...

Oh, and I get that there's the Twitter thing, but not all of us have fact, it seems like a lot of regular users here don't bother with either Twitter or Facebook for these kinda things. Personally I'd find it a shame if that was meant to replace the on-site interaction...

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