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Just in case you missed it on the front page!

Two months ago we launched Movemodo for PlayStation Move news and reviews, and now it's time to launch the next phase of our plan for world domination: KINECTaku!

Focused entirely on Microsoft's new Kinect add-on for Xbox 360, Kinectaku will bring you the same quality coverage you've come to expect from Nintendo Life and Movemodo.

Coming from the same expert team behind Nintendo Life and Movemodo, you can rely on Kinectaku to review every game released for Kinect, from Adrenalin Misfits to Zumba Fitness and everything in between.

We've already got some superb content lined-up, including exclusive previews of Kinect titles, developer interviews and more.

Kinect launches in North America on November 4th, and reaches European shores on November 10th. We've already got you covered for games: check out the European Kinect launch games and US Kinect launch line-up to see what you can be playing on day one and beyond.

You can follow @kinectaku on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest Kinect news and reviews, Like Kinectaku on Facebook and join in the lively discussion using your shared login for Nintendo Life and Movemodo.

This will not mean a decreased amount of content here on Nintendo Life. We will keep working away just as hard to make Nintendo Life bigger and better.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to Kinectaku!


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future of NL >:3
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No, it's been up for a day - we wouldn't put it live and not tell you about it. I've just been writing for it to store content like Pokémon in a PC.


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Was that it? Or was it Movemodo?

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