Topic: Introducing Kinectaku and Movemodo!

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Yay! Scott Pilgrim, lol.

Looks great!

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Lookin good. I'll definetely check out both even though I don't have a PS3 or 360.

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I just checked out the new site and it looks awesome! Great job guys!



Cool you can really see the similarities to NL, but I love the way the page looks and colors are great, it just looks so pretty. I don't have PS3 though and I'm not getting one so that's really all I can say about it.



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Thanks to the random revival of this thread, I'm curious, when's Kinectaku going up? Kinect launches.... (thinks to self).... wait, does Kinect launch next week?!

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Kinect launches next week in the US. KINECTaku should, I hope, launch tomorrow

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theblackdragon wrote:

V8+Ninja wrote:

Hmm...this will be interesting...

understatement of the year, methinks. :3

You are a persistent men. methinks.

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