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It's press release time!

London, 22nd September 2009– dx the leading custom hosting solution and services provider dedicated to the games industry, is pleased to announce that it is providing infrastructure, hosting and IP transit for one of the biggest Nintendo-centric sites on the internet– Nintendo Life.

dx worked with Nintendo Life to ensure the resources specified met with the requirements of such a popular and rapidly growing website. To guarantee a seamless and elegant migration to the dx infrastructure, dx planned a period of duality during which Nintendo Life was able to configure and test the new systems prior to switchover.

Dominic Silk CEO of dx said;“We’re delighted to be working with Nintendo Life to provide the infrastructure the site requires in order that it may flourish. dx’s custom solution ensures Nintendo Life has access to a network geared to the intensive demands of busy gaming websites”.

Anthony Dickens Technical Director of Nintendo Life said;“With the enormous growth of Nintendo Life during 2009 following the amalgamation of WiiWare World and Virtual Console Reviews it was important that our hosting platform could cope with the ever growing levels of demand. dx’s track record of delivering solutions for busy gaming content sites assures us that Nintendo Life will continue to grow and be able to deliver the site experience our users expect”.

About Nintendo Life

Launched in 2006 Nintendo Life is the finest resource for Wii and DS owners to discover how best to spend their hard earned money. Nintendo Life is unique in that it has a particular emphasis on Nintendo®'s downloadable platforms. Nintendo Life’s international team guarantees a 100% review coverage of WiiWare, DSiWare and Virtual Console - for more information visit

About dx

A leading custom hosting solutions provider dedicated to the games industry, dx understands the special needs of games companies. Using a multi-homed network infrastructure and Tier 4 data centres in Europe and the USA dx delivers the performance, reliability and crucially the economy, needed to ensure stunning gameplay and a faultless end user experience.

dx clients include some of the biggest names in gaming with deployments ranging from latency sensitive First Person Shooter clusters, complex MMORPG server farms, robust web and dB driven applications through to business continuity cover. The knowledgeable and experienced dx team have been at the heart of online gaming and managed services for over two decades. For more information visit

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What does this mean for Nintendo Life and its users? Or is it a secret right now

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This press release went out across the industry today. Was a big deal for us.

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I actually just came across this press release when I did a Google search for Nintendo Life. This is indeed a very big deal! Congratulations to Ant and the entire staff of Nintendo Life! Well done gentlemen and keep up the good work!



Your welcome

Anyways, congrats



so DX is hosting Nintendo Life now?

lol, j/k... congrats y'all :3

future of NL >:3
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