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So guys, thank you all for replying to my posts recently, so much kindness, Thanks!! Now, I have another question. I was looking on ebay for some amiibo, because If i can get some amiibo before I get Botw I can help myself when I am in trouble. And i came across this guy who was selling amiibo. He hadd 98.5% positive feedback, so I checked it out. His were mostly pretty good prices. They varied, for ex. Archer Link for $8. Then, it said he was selling NFC tags and not the figures What does this mean? Please tell me.



I could be wrong, but I think it means they're just selling the chips inside the amiibo's base that gives it functionality in games. So you would essentially just get the base of the amiibo without the actual figure attached to it. I hope that makes sense.



They're likely "homemade" amiibo tags.

People have been making and selling those for a while. And I'm almost sure they're pretty much piracy.

Which means we don't really want to talk about them in here so I'll lock the thread.

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