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Well everyone I think it's fair to say that Nintendo failed with the Animal Crossing Amiibo.

The problem is no one really liked Amiibo Festival and their only good use is in Happy Home designer.
Another example that these have failed is when I went to Best Buy and they were 3 dollars for a single Animal Crossing amiibo and 5-10 Dollars for a 3 pack of Amiibo.



I think they picked some characters that weren't as cool as some of the ones they didn't make into amiibo. I would have liked Leif, Dr. Shrunk, Brewster, Jack, Gulliver, Jingle, Pete, Phineas, Redd, Chip, and Nat.

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I think me and my best friend are either insane or just childish adults as we genuinely enjoy playing Animal Crossing Amiibo festival. Sure, its not the best game in the world but it's so cute and really fun with lots of people.

On another note, I literally purchased Happy Home Designer last night (Love it!), how do the cards and Amiibo work with the game? All I came across so far is they trigger characters to visit the houses you designed? I hope they do more.

I'll be honest I find most of the Amiibo functionaliy (not just Animal Crossing) kinda lacking and I think it's something Nintendo really need to work on. They are mostly relying on collectors, and it's working. The figures are so well designed and put together it's hard to not want to collect them all.



In my opinion, both Amiibo Festival & Happy Home Designer were Completely Failed games.
Happy Home Designer just only offers home building, designing only without deep robust gameplay since after you finished designing your house / villagers house, there is NOTHING to do but staring at the buildings, do nothing.
Amiibo Festival was even Worst. It doesn't look even like a proper Board games. How on Earth i can enjoy the game with NO Actual gameplay inside Amiibo Festival if whenever i spot on certain floor, there is NOTHING to do but Watch the event on the floor you hit on ??
If i give the score for both of them, i give both of them are 2 from 10.
Indeed, it's charming and cute, but the gameplay is rubbish.
Happy Home Designer is much better when implemented on Welcome Amiibo as a new update of Animal Crossing New Leaf.
I can say Nintendo was get drunk during 2015, but recovered during year 2017.
Nintendo should make a New Animal Crossing game for Switch with better gameplay than New Leaf.

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Happy Home Designer was actually a massive success in Japan, and I think the amiibo cards sold pretty well over there too. Not sure about the actual figures though.

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I'd have more amiibo cards if they weren't so stupidly expensive around here.

I mean, maybe if any retail store around me sold them I could get better prices, but for some reason the resellers on amazon mx (who seem to be the only ones selling them) seem to think 40 dollars is a competitive price for a single pack.

I've managed to build a small collection of 50~ cards from the rare times I get to buy them at reasonable prices.

The figures, on the other hand, go from ridiculously cheap to maybe well priced. I have Digby and Nook.

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@Meowpheel 40 dollars for a single pack? Ouch!

In England they are only around £3.00 per pack.

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Happy Home Designer is the only AC game I don't have (except for the N64 game Animal Forest - which was Japan only). And yes, amiibo festival was atrocious, even for a board game. Not sure what Nintendo was thinking there. I know the game was a ploy to sell amiibo but DANG they could have put a little more effort into that title.

With the AC amiibo being discounted so cheap I was able to get them all!

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I feel like Nintendo took the poor sales of the Animal Crossing line in particular as a sign to go back to conservative (to put it lightly) production runs. I think that's a shame; the new Link amiibo really shouldn't be THIS scarce.

It's doubly disappointing when you recall that the original Zelda character amiibo (for the Smash line) received gargantuan print runs as well, but justified them through strong sales. They were never peg-warmers like Tom Nook, Mabel, et al.; they rarely went on clearance, let alone at 50%+ discounts. But I digress.

I think the Animal Crossing amiibo are cute and look solid, if not quite as good as something like the Splatoon line. They'll find a niche among collectors once Animal Crossing Switch is inevitably announced to have amiibo compatibility, and I definitely think they could have sold okay if they were paired with a game that people actually wanted.



There's also the Animal Crossing Mobile game coming out this year. That may also have some functionality with amiibo, although I don't actually know if that's possible with some mobile phones.

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Happy Home designer it really is a great success.



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