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This may have been answered before, but could anyone tell me how to create a restore point in Zelda II? When I press the home button, it just suspends the software. I even went to the virtual console menu, which only gives me the option to Resume or Reset.

Does anyone know what button combination lets me set a restore point? I can't seem to do it. Any and all help is appreciated, Thank you!



If the game only gives you the option to resume or reset from the Virtual Console menu then it sounds like you're lacking the update that adds the restore point function to Zelda 2. Connect to the eShop and check for updates.

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If you bought Zelda II (non-Ambassador = has update), perhaps you accidentally disabled the restore points feature. I remember being prompted about this the first time I brought up the VC menu after the update. If memory serves, you can toggle restore points on and off in all NES VC games by pressing L+ R + Start + Select (presumably on the VC menu). Hope this helps!

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Thank you for the help. I found a way to activate them, and I can now save. Thank you all once again



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