Topic: Would you download NES games on 3DS VC if they were more expensive than on the Wii?

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I wouldn't. If NES games happened to be cheaper on the 3DS then I'll just download games on there. If they're cheaper on Wii VC then I'll continue downloading games on the Wii.

Also, there's no point in paying for a game I've already downloaded on the Wii unless the save state feature is particularly appealing when it gets added. Some NES games I find too frustrating but with the save state I'll be able to get further than I did before.

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do you have some kinda weird obsession with VC or something?

what kinda question is this anyway

If you want my answer... yeah, depending on the game.

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No most of my NES games are on the Wii and I prefer to play them with the Classic Controller. If NES Pinbot was released I would probably get it on the 3DS since I like Pinball games on my portable systems.

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Probably. I enjoy portable gaming more than console gaming (maybe because I can't really find the time to sit down and play on consoles), but it depends on the games released.

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Doubtful. It would have to be something that wasn't available on the Wii VC.

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Super Mario 2 (with save files) or 3 yes

What I really want is SNES (especially TLOZ: ALTTP and SMW)

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If they are more expensive, then most likely not.
I get the feeling they won't all be priced the same.
Say, all the "True" games like Super Mario Bros, Zelda, Metroid, Ect, will all be 4.99
But those sarcadey "Get high score" games, like Balloon Fight, Ice Climber, Ect. All may be a dollar or two less.

But the thought of all the NES games as portables is kind of appealing to me. Shoot, I'd take just about any kind of game on the 3DS VC, except maybe N64, because those should be full blown remakes.

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Now why would anyone pay a higher price for Nes games on 3DS?
There's enough complaining about 5 dollar Nes games on Wii.
Those people probably weren't around when the cartridges were 50 bucks or more.
I can't belive 5 dollars is too expensive for some of you.

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They won't be more expensive on 3DS unless they're 3D Classics remakes.
it would make no sense otherwise.



Again, Nes games just don't belong in portable form...It completey(in my eyes) zaps the magic, nostalgia and grand scale feeling out of them in hand held form, when compared to originaly being played on the big screen. I found it odd, a bit akward feeling and no where near as enjoyable playing SMB and LOZ on the 3DS.

So no i wouldn't exactly give a damn.
Give me GB, GBC and GBA games and I'll be a happy dudskie.
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@WaveBoy - love the change of mind saying you liked smb and loz more on the 3ds then tv but you were all upset about them being shrunk.

I wouldn't get them, more expense isn't worth the portability besides I never owned a nes and I'm not very attached to the games

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