Topic: Would you buy retail DS games on the 3DS e-shop?

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Just a question, I guess.

I probably would as long as it isn't overpriced, and cheaper than a physical copy, or for some games that are hard to find like the Ace Attorney series, or FE: Shadow Dragon (besides PoR that is the only English Fire Emblem game I have not played..).

It will probably never ever ever happen though, but if it did..

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Yeah, I would! I've thought that they should do this ever since they started releasing retail 3DS games on the eShop. I always thought they should've released a digital version of Pokémon B2/W2.

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as long as they are fairly priced yes

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ferthepoet wrote:

as long as they are fairly priced yes

Anything over at maximum £15 would be too expensive for any DS game in digital form.

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Yes, please!

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If I can't find it, then yes.



Bulby wrote:

ferthepoet wrote:

as long as they are fairly priced yes

Anything over at maximum £15 would be too expensive for any DS game in digital form.

If the games are truly great the price isn't really the problem. (The convenience outweighs it for me). Even more so if nothing comparable exists as of yet on the 3DS.

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only if cheap...

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Maybe $10-20 depending on the game...

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Yes. Depending on the game. Like the 3DS retail downloads, the cartridge release is cheaper than the digital version. But there are games like Dragon Quest that have become incredibly expensive on cartridge.

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Totally. The world ends with you and Retro Game Challenge is yet to be in my grasp

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Yes. But i hope they're cheaper than retail.

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Considering that the first Ace Attorney, Ghost Trick, 9 hours 9 doors 9 persons, final fantasy III, and the World Ends With You all exist on ios appstores in some format at decent prices I absolutely think ds games should be able to make it on the 3DSeshop. I can't see Nintendo doing this themselves soon but I hope they make the option available to developers. Haven't there been some low key examples of this already?


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Probably not, no. Unless my entire physical DS library became available for digital download for a flat rate of like $40. I might go for that.

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Unless it was much cheaper than a physical version, no.

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Atariboy wrote:

The only stuff I'd be interested in would be titles that never saw a retail release in North America like a fully translated release of Retro Game Challenge 2.

Don't count on that unless you're willing to pay about $10,000 for it.
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Yep, especially something niche and rare like The World Ends With You, Rune Factory 1/2/3, Solatorobo Red the Hunter, etc.

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I would totally purchase all the previously released Ace Attorney games digitally. Would have been a good move to make them available on the eShop in time for Dual Destinies so interested newcomers could catch up but oh well. But yes, I would buy retail DS games off the eShop especially if the prices were cheap and/or reasonable.

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