Topic: Who Wants GBA Games On The 3DS?!

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Everybody vote that you want them!!

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Why is this even a vote? We all want them :3

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That and the fact that they should be on the 3DS instead of (or as well as) the Wii U are pretty much a given.

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Geonjaha wrote:

That and the fact that they should be on the 3DS instead of (or as well as) the Wii U are pretty much a given.

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May as well have made a thread asking people if they want punch and pie.

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Uh, we're voting for this?

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May as well ask who wants ice cream.

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I would rather have GBA on 3DS than Wii U but who knows what will happen

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Being an ambassador, I'd rather have them on Wii U. Unless, they uprgade it with save states, ability to press the home button and proper sleep mode.

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Who wouldn't want them sounds like a more interesting question, because we all want GBA on 3DS...hopefully.

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Nintendo wants you to buy Wii U to play GBA games, if the Wii U totally flops and they give up on it we'll have gba games in 3ds, if the Wii U is succesful enough that it doesn't need GBA exclusivity we'll get GBA games in 3DS, unfortunately those two things are unlikely, what will happen is the Wii U will keep on hanguing there in life support for the rest of the generation and nintendo would keep GBA (and SNES) games as Wii U exclusives in the hope that helps sells a bit

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I know I don't. I like to play new games and rarely download old.

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Well as an Ambassador I already do, so...

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Not me!

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Sounds to me like the only people who don't want them are the people who already have them and the ones who wouldn't download them even if they were there, because they don't care. Meaning, yeah we want them.



I wouldn't be interested in purchasing them (I'd rather spend my time playing new games), but it'd be nice if they were available for people who did want to play them.

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